Sunday, May 10, 2015

On the question of Sacred space .. thoughts about a sanctuary.

I am 41. I have been a church member since I was 12.  This is now my 7th church of attendance.  I realize that over the decades that worship has changed, that people have changed, that society has changed... God never changes by the way, just our understanding/perspective does.....  but perhaps I have a different understanding of the sanctuary than my fellow congregation members.

Today I was privileged to have my mother with me.  She is from the other end of the country so this is a rare visit.  We were seated in the middle left section of the church but with a good view of the speakers.   The gentleman to our left was older (I'd say late 60's) Asian, and pulled out a thermos with hot liquid, tea or water, and a mug from the church kitchen and poured a drink for himself during the service.  I'm sorry but since when do we allow this to happen in our sanctuary??  I have seen people EAT in the middle of service like this is just a show or something!!

To make it worse, the gentleman spilled the liquid all over the pew, and floor, splashing the young couple behind him (who I think might have been visitors) and leaving 2 rivers of liquid flowing under the pews towards the front of the church.

I know it was an accident, but really!!?  is this appropriate for the sanctuary?  This is where I ask if I have become a fuddy-duddy or just have a different opinion about the sanctuary of a church.  I get that the "sacred" can be created anywhere, that all life is sacred, that all things are sacred... but it seems to be that when we take the awe out of worship, out of a holy place and make it like our living room that something is wrong, or has definitely changed.

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