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 This article was posted on Facebook.  I get my news from FB these days and occasionally from watching The National on CBC but Facebook seems to be where I hear or don't hear about what is going on in the world (or people's heads). 

So this article is of interest because of the ethics of the situation.  I am a believer in God, in Christ and in the resurrection, but NOT like this.  The article tells us us that the Patriarch of the family died from an infection related to his diabetes.  He apparantly refused medical treatment -- to go to a hospital-- and died in the family home.  The wife upon realizing that he is dead, covers him and seals the room. It is not found until 6 months later.  I assume that she will be arrested for some charge related to the treatment of the body, or in this case, non-treatment of the body, and possibly held for psychiatric evaluation. 

While it is good to be respectful of the person's wishes or cultural/religious beliefs, this speaks of something deeper.  Our society does not believe in the possibility of a physical miracle such as resurrection, in an immediate sense.  While there are some unexplained incidents in medical history, there is also a need to look at things realistically.

Well, let's qualify that statement re: realism.  I'm not saying that God can't or won't revive/resurrect people.  But after a month or a week, I don't think it'll happen regardless of how much you want it to, or how strong your belief is.  I do believe in the Resurrection of Jesus and I do think that we will be resurrected as well.  I will probably come under fire for saying this but it is likely a spiritual resurrection versus a physical one.  This act of leaving the corpse to wait for the resurrection speaks of denial about the reality of death, and consequences of actions or in some cases, inaction.

Ontario family left corpse in bedroom hoping for resurrection

TORONTO – A family left the decaying corpse of patriarch Peter Wald in the upstairs bedroom of their home in Hamilton, Ont. for six months hoping for his resurrection.
On Monday, wife Kaling Wald, 50,  pleaded guilty to failing to notify police that her husband had died, the Hamilton Spectator reports.
The bizarre story began back in September of last year when a foreclosure company found the body while trying to evict the Wald family who had defaulted on their mortgage.
According to The Spectator,  Peter Wald, 52, probably died “around March 20th” of 2013 and had suffered from a diabetic sore in his left foot that had gone untreated. The agreed state of facts read in court Monday said he refused to go to the hospital as he believed God would cure him.
Kaling said her husband went into a coma and days later she noticed signs of rigor mortis on his forehead.
Kaling reportedly covered the body in blankets and sealed the bedroom with duct tape to stop the smell of the decaying body from wafting to the rest of the house. For six months the Wald family prayed for their deceased husband and father hoping for his return.
“We were trusting God…we thought, ‘OK Lord, you know better,'” Kaling told The Spectator. “That was how strong our faith was.”
The Children’s Aid Society was called in as the Kaling’s have six children, but no concerns for the children’s were found.
December 2, 2014 
Global News

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