Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Night at the Museum 3- a review

In this version of Night at the Museum, we begin in 1938 in Egypt.  C.J. Fredericks has been looking for the Tomb of Ahkmenrah for 20 years.  A storm is coming, he tells his son to go to the truck for safety. On the way there, the 12 year old boy falls through a hole which is the ceiling of the sought after tomb.  His father then commands, against the warnings of the locals, that the items be carted off.  

In present day, Larry Daly is director of the New York Museum's grand re-opening and its night's special effects show.  At least, this is what the director calls it as he has yet to learn the secrets of the night shift.  Ahkmenreh comes to Larry and tells him that the tablet is loosing its power, the gilt is turning green.  When this happens, the "exhibits" temporarily forget themselves and revert to their former "Self" with catastrophic consequences for the show.  Flaming arrows are shot, guns are aimed at Larry, things crash and the guests at this gala event flee in terror as the "show" has gone awry. The director of the museum (played by Ricky Gervais) is fired.

Larry does research and discovers the identity of the 12 year old boy is Cecil, the former night guard who pulled a heist in Night version 1. He visits Cecil in his residential facility and tells him that he knows about his part in the discovery of the tomb.  Cecil tells him an important tidbit, that the tablet and Ahk were sent to America and his parents to Britain as it was a joint expedition. Ahkmenrah has told Larry that only his father knows the power of the tablet but never revealed the secret to him. Larry convinces the fired director to tell Britain that he is sending Ahk and the tablet to London for "conservation". So Larry and his son are off to London to the British Royal Museum. They are going to find Ahk's parents to see what can be done to fix the tablet. 

While this appears to be a movie for kids, there is something for the adults as well.  Andrea Martin is fabulous (as always) in her role as a tired archivist who helps Larry in his search for information on the tablet, Hugh Jackman has a cameo as a singing Arthur of Camelot and even uses reference to his Wolverine role, there is an allusion to Dirty Dancing scenes, and of course, one of the final performances of Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt.


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