Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Movie - The Judge

This movie poster does not show the beauty of this story.  Robert Downey Jr. plays a "scumbag" lawyer who is called home by his brother at the death of his mother.   From here, we see the drama unfold of a troubled family.

Henry, Hank, is the middle son, who has had a falling out with his father.  Glen is the oldest, who had a promising career on his way to the major leagues as a star pitcher, but now runs a tire shop. Dave is the youngest with mental disabilities and hides behind a movie camera rather than talk to people.

Glen, his older brother, was on his way to becoming a star baseball player. We learn that Hank had been driving the car while high, with his brother.  The car was totaled and Glen's hand was injured thus ruining his future as a ball player.  The Judge never forgave Hank for that.

Judge Joseph Palmer has sat on the bench for 42 years until he is accused of murder. This is the catalyst for the enfolding of our story.  Hank, after a frosty visit with his father, buries his mother and is about to leave when Glen calls to tell him that their father has been arrested for murder. 

Judge Palmer had presided over a case 20 years ago of a man who had assaulted his girlfriend. At the time, he had given the man 30 days in jail.  After getting out, the man drowned his 16 year old girlfriend in a pond.  For that, the judge gave him 20 years.  This man was out of jail but now dead on the side of the road, the victim of hit and run.  The judge confesses to his son, Hank, that he has blackouts, and doesn't remember what happened after going to the store to get eggs.  Hank fights with his father to let him represent him in court, and then fights to learn the truth about what happened, all the while dealing with the demons of the past.


Before going to see this movie, I had seen one brief trailer and thought it might be different from our Avengers/MARVEL currents.  I saw the beginnings of an interview with Robert Downey Jr. on CBC. They did a rehash of his career.  I had forgotten about all the movies he had done.  He is phenomenal!  He is also currently the highest paid actor in the biz, probably due to his Ironman fame. 

This movie had everything.  Psychosocial drama, intrigue, mystery and was truly a masterpiece. 

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