Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doomsday Prophets

Every so often, when I drive to a certain part of town, there is a man standing on a street corner, usually a busy intersection, wearing a sandwich board that proclaims "REPENT! JESUS IS COMING AGAIN!" on the front. 

Last week, I saw him at 3 separate intersections, different from his norm. Perhaps it's that I don't go often enough, or haven't paid attention, but either way, it is an odd sight for me.

My thought process made me wonder why some people do this.  Sure, you "get your message out", but what kind of message is this?  What motivates someone to stand there day after day?  The hope that someone considers Christ and accepts the message?  The hope that if just one person hears the message about Christ that they will be saved from eternal damnation in the fires of hell.

Sometimes it is not the message itself that is faulty, but the method that it is delivered.  I suppose that there are some who need the jarring signs to wake them to "reality", but I question what good it does for the world at large, other than the viewers deeming the placard wearer to be a crackpot.

I remember once waiting at a bus station and hearing music.  Not unusual as there are buskers everywhere.  The difference is that the music was live from a group of 4 young people (20's) signing praise and worship songs, complete with microphone amp, guitar and tamborine, under a busy skytrain underpass. 

I'm all for mission and outreach, but I sometimes wonder if this is an appropriate way to do this.  Perhaps it is that I have not been one for the outreach part myself.  As I have explained to others throughout my journey, my focus has been in the church, so that I can edify (build up/strengthen) so that others may go out strong.  My focus has not been about bringing them in, "getting our numbers up", and I certainly don't plan to "scare the hell out of people" as was a tactic from the 70's that I grew up with. 

While the message is the same, I just question the delivery of the "prophets".

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