Saturday, September 27, 2014

Winnipeg Weekend

I began my Winnipeg weekend on the day after my cuties’ birthday.  Got up at 6 a.m. and discovered that my e-reader screen was frozen. This would not do as I needed it for the plane.  I figured it out and repacked my stuff and opted to leave the dress at home.  Got to the airport in time, had already checked in online the day before, longest wait was security line.  I had no idea what time it was as my watch broke a year ago and the phone was in the bag.  Got to the gate in time to hear them announce “all passengers with children or needing extra time to board…” and got on the plane. I always do that and would use my hearing loss as an excuse to need time. Really it’s that I want to put my stuff away so that I don’t have to put it under my seat.  I need the leg room!

The day before I had switched my seat from a window to an aisle so that I wouldn’t have to crawl over someone should I have to get up for the washroom.  Bad idea.  The girl next to me (okay she was probably 29ish) was going to a wedding.  Had a suitcase that wouldn’t fit in the overhead bin because it is too fat, an overstuffed purse, and a third bag overflowing.  She had to change the suitcase to under the seat and the overflowing bag to above.  I did it all for her while she thanks me profusely for helping.  Later she struggles with her bag of rice chips that she had brought. The large bag of chips that you buy in the store.  She hadn’t realized that the cabin pressure would inflate it.  So she was debating how to open it without it exploding.  We finally decide that pricking it with her keys might work. 
In the meantime, I started a new book “The King’s Curse”  about Margaret Plantagenet and her time in court, her fall and rise again for Henry.  She is adviser for Katherine of Aragon.  I am half way done.

I got off the plane and realized that a) it is 1:30 in Winnipeg and 11:30 in Vancouver. Lunch will be interesting.  Do I or don’t I?
b) I have no idea where to meet my cousin who is picking me up.  My plane arrived 10 minutes early.  I get to the baggage carrosel where I usually meet family, there is no one there.  So I go outside.  Then realize that this family doesn’t do this… go back inside.  I see her.  I know it is her even from the back. She is the second oldest in a line of 15 cousins, she looks the same everytime I see her.
We go to her place.  They have only lived here since December 2013.  It is a large house near the University of Manitoba campus, with a gorgeous view of the river.  Currently they are having yard work done – installing a pool.

After chatting about family, talking with her daughter, meeting one of 2 sons, I realize that I haven’t reset my clock and I’m late for supper with a cousin of my husband whom I have only met on Facebook and on the phone.  Luckily, according to google maps she is a 15 minute drive from my cousins.  Had I been staying anywhere else, it surely would have been an hour.  I phone the cousin to tell her that I lost track of time.  She said that’s ok she has only thrown the potatoes on the BBQ.  This cousin has 2 sons (13-14ish) and has remarried a few years ago.  It is chaos when I get there.  The 2 dogs are barking, supper is being prepared.  I just get the feeling like I should just go.  It is causal meet you but we don’t know each other enough to get past some awkward small talk.  Where do you go to get out of the chaos?  Things settle down. We sit to eat.  One kids immediately asks what computer games my hubby plays.  I start to remember.  The mom says he is trying to justify his playing.  I give a quip about whatever mom says is rule.  We finish dinner, a large piece of pork that most of the diners don’t finish, steamed broccoli and potatoes.  Dogs yipping excitedly.  Both boys leave to go with their friends.  We go to the couch and talk.  I ask how they met.  Always a good ice breaker. 

They met online.  Family scenarios re: the wedding, common stuff to hear from my previous line of work.  I learn more about her family as my hubby can’t tell me much.
She and I share a common interest: photography. She has a business on the side when she is not working at her insurance job. 

Even with all of this, I was texting back and forth with 2 people. One is coming for breakfast on Saturday, driving in from Kenora, ON, and the others I will meet in Winnipeg for supper.

I have been informed that “our mothers” will be showing up with the cake for my cousin to assemble this afternoon.  Will I be here?  Hmmm…

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