Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday post!!

(*sigh* it's been a while.  I know.)

Tomorrow you will be 3!!!

Your daddy has taken the week off as tomorrow is his birthday.. but we won't tell you what age that is...
So we took our kids to a CEFA open house today to see if we would enroll them in a preschool.  Hubby and I did not grow up with pre-school. In fact, I never heard of it until I was in grade 12. I went to Kindergarten when I was 4, and started first grade at 5 (and graduated high school at 17.)

Micah is still in a crib.. I have been telling him for the past week or two that it is time to sleep in the big boy bed.  He is still resistant and is in his crib right now in fact.  Lately he has been trying to get us to let him "stay up" so that he can fall asleep in our arms.  I think that is partly because he has been sick, but it doesn't help him. Nor does it help me as I have a head cold. It is not the usual head cold as it is mostly sinus pain in the back of my head.  Sinus pills aren't really helping.

I will be flying to Winnipeg on the weekend to attend a centennial celebration for my Oma.  We are astounded that she has lived this long, but then her husband was 99 when he passed.  I have been fortunate to attend their 50th (when I was 12) and then happened to live there when it was their 60th, their 65th, and then flew in for their 70th anniversary.

This past weekend, we had hubby's birthday party which is a traditional game of Settlers of Catan.  We have turned this into a monthly Catan tournament. One of my friends loved the game so much that she bought a dollar store trophy.  The past 2 games were won by hubby, but this time it went home with a girlfriend.  It is her first time here since our last birthday Catan party, so I guess I will have to buy another dollar store trophy should the original purchaser return to the tournament.

I have to finish packing and prep presents and cupcakes for tomorrow so I will sign off.

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