Friday, August 15, 2014

Stress! Stress! Stress!

Ever have one of those days where you have so much going on that you can't remember it all?

I did that yesterday.  I thought it was a week later and that my in laws were coming to babysit so that I could go to a dental appointment this morning.  Not that I want to go to a dental appointment...   It is next week.  *sigh*

So this week began with us staying home from church because we had to wait for the cable guy to come to hook up cable for the suite.  He was put out that it was a suite.  Apparently Shaw has a "tenancy program" for things like that.  So we agreed to pay the extra $30 and get the modem and hookup.  So essentially, I will have to pay an extra $80 a month for cable. (50 for us, with internet, and 30 for this tenancy thing).  Ugh!

My daughter has started stripping her clothes off. Right to the diaper.  I couldn't start potty training yet because of the schedule for the week, and was planning to start next week. I didn't find out until Tuesday was being changed so that the free week is this week and the meeting was changed to next week.  *sigh*

So she has been put in sleepers for the week as it deters her.. sort of , from stripping while I'm not in the room (trying to get dishes done, laundry, etc.)  (TMI- after 2 poop on the carpet incidents with the last being a naked poopy girl wiping herself on her brother's prized blanket, that was when the sleeper went on.  She doesn't want to sit on the potty the way her brother finds joy in it.)

On Tuesday, I had hubby work from home so that I could have my biweekly Skype meeting with a colleague from Penticton.  The meetings are usually 2 hours long. I am her mentor for the Certification process (Specialist in CPE) for CASC, my professional association. I have to read her papers and discuss how she can tweak them to include the required information about her clinical setting. 

I have been a Specialist since April 2010.  Every 5 years, we are required to have a peer review - the purpose of which is to ensure that we continue our growth and education in our stream, rather than sit back on our laurels and assume that we have the "degree" so we don't need to challenge ourselves. I have been granted a one year deferment from this interview for 2 reasons: (I asked.)  1. I don't currently work in a clinical setting outside of my home.  2. BC has a new "Spiritual Health Framework" that has been implemented by the provincial government.  According to this standard, it is not required that one have specialist standing as a minimum.  (Previously BC thought about going for a College in conjunction with another group.  The minimum standard for entrance to the College would have been Specialist.)

So without getting too technical, the Framework is a way of regulating persons who practice Spiritual Care in the province and is aimed at those who work in Healthcare (which the majority of my colleagues do). The BC government meets regularly with representatives of the various Health Authorities to ensure that the standards of the SHF is up to par, that the Health Authorities are keeping up their standards of care within the scope laid out by the Framework.

So I got the specialist certification because it had looked like the College route was coming to fruition. In the end, I don't need to maintain this level, but on the other hand, it is harder to get back than it is to maintain it.  Soooo... now I have to write how my "practice" for the past 5 years has been.  I have to answer a specific set of questions that ask about what I have done to keep up with my practice in the past 5 years. Well here's the thing.  I got this certification in April 2010 and quit my hospital job in May 2010 to go to photography school, only to stop that so that I could become a MoM (mother of Multiples).  Other than keeping myself active in the organization and returning to the BC executive board as secretary/treasurer (a position that I held before), I don't have a clinical setting as most of my colleagues do.  Or rather I have a unique one, but can't answer questions in terms of how I relate to my patients... because in some cases, I AM the patient.  Becoming a parent has been a new challenge.  Sometimes I have learned some thing new in an "AHA! that's cool" moment and other times, I have learned some things that I wish I didn't know about myself and my "style of parenting". 

On top of that, I have had to deal with yet another remark from a well-meaning family member about my daughter's lack of language.  The comment stated that she seems to "exhibit Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies".  I took major offence to this.  Previously this person suggested that she had autism.  It is true that my daughter's language skills are not very well developed. She does not seem to verbalize too often. Especially not compared with her twin brother.  But to say OCD, I was livid.  In this day and age of internet and like sites, everyone can self-diagnose (much to the annoyance of practicing MDs who get patients in their office claiming to have a disease that they don't.)What annoyed me most is that I have had OCD patients... this is not it.  
So we have had to focus on the language stuff again and call the Speech and Language people and see where we are on the list....

So we are busy... trying to juggle it all... life goes on. 

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