Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My relationship with Fruit and Money...


Go to this link.  I think that we are all guilty of this behavior from time to time.
We have good intentions.  We buy the healthy stuff, but when it comes down to it, would really prefer the sugar high that other foods give us.  The priorities are messed up. 

Same thing with money.  We want to be smart with our money but end up buying things that we don't need. 

At the beginning of the year, I had some money sitting around from my early inheritance.  I bought 3/4 of it into investments and mortgage and put aside a set amount for my personal use.  I thought about what to do with this money.  I could use it to go on a trip. I have wanted to go on a cruise of the Baltic that leaves from Southhampton, England and hits Sweden, Norway, Russia, etc.  Places that I haven't seen.  But I looked at the time that it would take. It is a 12 day cruise; which means 2 days to fly on either end and wouldn't I like to see something at the tailends of the cruise journey.  No, it was too long to be away from my babies.  At the time that we considered the cruise, our children were 2 1/2.  While I could be okay with being away for 2 weeks, I don't think that they would manage that well.  So hubby and I scrapped that idea and said if we go on trips this year, it will be local. I haven't seen much of BC and really, as a native BCers, neither has he. 

So I thought, what can we do that would be smart?  I would like to invest in my house and property.  So I thought that I would do something with this small stretch of land in my front yard. It is pathetic to mow.  Other neighbors have actually paved their entire front lawn (for more parking and less maintenance I guess).  So I hired a garden designer to design and install a rock garden for me.  So I met with him in April and said that I would like the work to start in May.  He said that he had people in line ahead of me and it would take 1.5 to 2 months.  Long story short, the start date kept getting pushed.  My enthusiasm for this project weaned and after the 3rd new start date for August 2014, I cancelled the project and asked for my deposit back.  (I have yet to receive my deposit as I asked 6 days ago and the mail doesn't go on a weekend.)

Hubby and I were also given the opportunity to go to a resort in Cannon Beach. We were originally going with another couple. It was their booking but they had to back out as their passport has expired and wouldn't be renewed in time for the trip.  After thinking about it, I didn't really want to go to this place, even if it was for my anniversary, mostly because I did not pick it in the first place. True, it would be a nice change of scenery but I was not impressed with a 6-7 hour car ride to get to some place that sounds similar to Tofino, or beaches back home where I grew up... so ... we have saved ourselves some money by not doing things. 

We did get much needed renovations done on our rental suite bathroom.  Can I get a tenant yet? no.  Has it been vacant since March?  yes, that is almost 5 whole months. Ugh.  We have had numerous people come look at it, but either they didn't call back or I don't like the ones that do. 

And of course, I still have a lot of "stuff" to get out of my house.  There are a lot of no shows... or just people who haggle for petty amounts. I got annoyed with the pile that has accumulated in my front room and cleaned it up (meaning moved the piles to the side of the room so that you can at least walk in there), mostly because I was sick of looking at it, and because every so often the kids go in there and find the toys that I want to get rid of.

I did however force hubby to clean up his office this weekend. It wasn't really that hard. Most of the mess was paper and books.

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