Thursday, July 03, 2014

Introduction to "this little piggy"

"isen mumma"
yes dear
"isen mumma"
Yes (toddler boy) what is it?
(Dramatic pause with shining eyes.)  "Ow!"
Ow?  Do you have an owie?
"Mumma, I have a owie!"
Where's the Owie?
"where owie." he says as he holds up his foot. "Toes, mumma. Piggy"

This is what my son does lately.  He will climb on my lap and then go through this conversation.  Or you will find him holding his fingers or toes and saying quietly to himself... " this piggy... this piggy... whee whee"

I learned this rhyme with my father.  In the book, the pinky toe goes crying home.  But I changed it to tickle him instead.  Luckily, he does not yet ask me the hard questions, but I decided to change it as I didn't really want to have to explain why a piggy is crying all the way home.  I suppose that makes more sense in the rhyme, but he is 2, so giggling is better, don't you think?

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