Monday, July 14, 2014

I hate being sick...

I hate being sick. It seems like I keep getting the same thing too.  Sinus colds that affect my nose and ears. Only.  It is annoying.  I suppose I should go see a doctor about this.

Today has been a productive day already in spite of it all.  Up shortly after 7 as the sleepless daughter decided she was awake enough to play with her bed rail. I have put ribs in the slow cooker for supper, hung up one load of laundry so far, and working on 3rd load as we speak.  The kids have been outside for an hour and are now having a snack.

I suppose at some point I should actually do something about my front room.  It is where the "stuff that we don't need" is accumulating.  I don't want to give it all away, but it is hard to sell. I don't think that my cul de sac is conducive for a garage sale (plus they are a lot of work), and online sales aren't that fast.  You have to keep pushing it out there. Then of course there are the no shows, and the people who don't really want to pay what it is worth despite the deal.

We have that problem with renting our suite as well.  I wonder what is wrong with it. Or wrong with us.   We are looking for a good fit, of course. But it is frustrating that it has been vacant since March.  We did a reno project on the bathroom but still no takers. Hopefully someone will come up for September.

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