Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Tree Find

There is a project on Wikitree that I follow.  It is related to the "Global Family Reunion" Project founded by A.J. Jacobs, an author, who believes that we are all related.. we are all cousins.  So he has encouraged people to find the links between him and theirselves and links to anyone. 

If you have been reading this awhile, you will note that I mention my family tree hobby from time to time.  Just now I found a link from my Mennonite roots to the LDS/Mormon church.  It is a bit to find this link, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
Photo courtesy of
This woman, Emily Dow Young, is related to me through my hubby's paternal grandfather.  Not what I expected to find.  But then I wasn't looking for this link. I just find it interesting.

I currently have 21, 460 people, with 6, 190 families in my tree.  So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at what I have found.

I have found relations to a few people that I went to college with. I have found multiple links with my mother in law, my father in law and my maternal grandmother to one of my husband's uncle by marriage (on his mother's side).  We have Lords and Dames, through my sister's inlaws, we have people from every profession; farmers, laborers, military, lawyers, doctors, preachers, bishops, secretary, artists, the list goes on.  It is interesting to see the clustering of professions in certain families.. continuing the traditions so to speak. And the photos that I have been able to find have been fabulous.  Starting with my own family albums to personal websites, archives and what has been shared by my fellow genealogy friends. 

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