Monday, June 02, 2014

Beware of Dragonfruit...

Well there's been progress and there's been... battles, it seems.

The progress with Toddler Boy would be mimicking of words.  He will repeat or try to say the next line of certain TV shows or music that he is familiar with.  He has been able to play with other children better.  He enjoys the "sea of balls" that I created in the wading pool and loves to go outside.  While it is my daughter who is the explorer, he prefers to stay close to mommy or daddy to play with him, or just to sit with us.

He has learned to eat new foods; at least new to him.  Previously he would refuse to even try Mac and cheese from the Gerber graduates dish, or the Kraft Dinner version. It tended to be that his sister would eat the pasta and he would eat the veggies.  She still doesn't really like veggies, but he LOOVES to eat oranges, strawberries, grapes, bananas or "nanas", as he calls them, and has tried apple.

Toddler girl has been a bit of a challenge these days.  Her verbal skills are still lacking. She has the ability but chooses not to use the words at times, and instead will throw a tantrum for "small" things.  (yes, I know small to me, BIG to her.)  *Sigh*

but she is getting better.  She has had a fever and been listless for the past few days, but she has been better today. Toddler Girl LOVES to sit on the swing for hours, and when it isn't moving she will go after bubbles if her brother isn't "in the way", or collect rocks and sticks from the yard.  She collects rocks and puts them in an empty flower pot, that her brother finds and throws back into the pile.  So I suppose this arrangement works for them.

I have learned something over the past month though.  If you feed your kid Dragonfruit, do not be surprised to see "poppy seeds" in the poop.

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