Thursday, April 24, 2014

Movie Review

I don't read comics. Well, not like my hubby does.  I grew up with Donald Duck comics, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, those kind.  But usually when people think of comic books, they mean Marvel or DC heroes.  So hubby and I are sci-fi fans.  He has got me watching Agents of SHIELD, which is a new TV show.
It SOOO helps me understand some stuff.  Like when I read the Archie comics and they were super heroes of CRUSH (an acronym like SHIELD), I had no idea what it was a parody of until this year.  That is sad as I am 40 now!

I have just returned from the latest Captain America movie :The Winter Soldier.  Even hubby was surprised about some elements in it. He told me before we went to the movie that the movie is what happens before our last episode of the TV show.  In the TV show, the agents were told that the director, Fury, was dead and that SHIELD had been infiltrated and taken over by HYDRA.  HYDRA was a force of evil that tried to take over the world and SHIELD 50 years prior during WW2. HYDRA was nazi in origin with someone known as the "red skull" in charge. He was defeated a previous Captain America movie.  This movie continued the HYDRA plot and twisted the endings in ways that wowed even hubby (he usually sees it coming or has read the book already).

Well done, but I have to say I was not as pleased about the closed caption in this night's showing.  There were times when there was no dialogue or 1/2 the dialogue was missing so I missed certain parts.  I knew mostly what they were saying at that point but it was annoying that the feature/service was offered but not excellent in the delivery.  Although I can see how some things were missed as it was a major action movie with too many fight scenes, too many explosions, and very loud.  I wonder if the theatres realize that loud is ok, but too loud muffles the sound anyhow.

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