Monday, March 10, 2014

Odd things he says

Toddler boy has started saying "no way!" a lot.  I was trying to figure out where he learned this.. and I think it was from TV, from watching Diego.

Another thing that he has started saying in the past 2 days is 'no no no NOT!"  Hubby and I have NO idea what he talking about, why he says it, or what he means.  He just likes to say it.  It is hard not to smirk when he does as last night he was standing on the couch next to me with the biggest grin on his face saying "no no no NOT!"  probably in response to my request to stop playing with the light switches.

So far today, I have removed them from the fireplace enclosure at least 4x. My daughter is mostly the culprit as she has figured out that if she stands on the heat register and hikes her leg over the gate/fence then she can climb in.  We weren't sure what toys or boosts they were using to get in and it was annoying.  We have had to remove most toys, trucks, buckets, etc from the room but that doesn't seem to deter them.  As someone said to me yesterday, at least they are creative, that shows that they are smart.

Smart and distressing says this tired mama.

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