Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Grandma is going to FREAK out!

My daughter is obsessed with climbing.  I suppose there is not much left to do since we had to take a lot of toys out of the play room.  They were aids to climbing and some were dangerous.  Standing on the back of a truck.. that could roll away... you get the idea.  So my daughter taught herself how to climb in and out of our fireplace pit. 
She climbs on the heat register, then up to the window sill and then hikes herself over and in.  Of course the red bucket is usually in there filled with the stuffed toys.  Then she uses the farm (left) or the house (outside of pit) to climb out.  So my son has watched her and does the same. 

THIS is not what will freak the grandparents out.  I sure was not happy about it when I saw it yesterday.  My daughter has decided that climbing this fence is not enough.  When I put the twins down for their naps, i checked on them via the video monitor and looked at her bed.  It was odd looking. There was no tell-tale lump of blanket.  So I went in her room and found her in the playhouse.  Yes, you guessed it.  She climbed out.  I put her back in the crib and she climbed out IN FRONT of me!! So there went the idea of nap time.  I took them both back down to the playroom as she was obviously thinking it great to run the room and he was standing in his crib protesting the rest time.  She crashed at 4:30p.m. I found her lying on the couch while her brother played with his trains.

Last night she got out of the bed and slept in the playhouse. I asked hubby if I should put her back in bed or just put a blanket on her.  We did the latter.  Hubby's response to all of this was "as long as her brother doesn't learn how to do this from her as well."  Luckily they have separate rooms so the bed that we bought for him might need to be set up for her first.  *sigh*

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