Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Things are looking up...

Oh man, it has been a crazy 2 or 3 weeks.  The kids were sick, my son had croup, we all get sick, I still have a sinus cold... or maybe my allergies are kicking in .. who knows? The kids didn't want to eat, they would climb things, my son would strip all the time....

Toddler boy protesting food 
Today started well.  I was able to get a shower and then get my son.  He was sitting up in his crib, in the dark.  Playing with his bear. But he was very happy to see me.  Usually when he has gotten up, he has been clingy and cuddly and doesn't want me to put him down.  Doesn't want to eat anything, but this was different. 

I brought him down to the playroom and he immediately said "train" and went off to play with a toy. I was then able to leave him (unprotesting) and get his sister.  

After letting them play in the room for a while, I then called them for breakfast and my son went to the kitchen counter, spotted bananas and asked for them.  He then proceeded to wolf them down.  Baby girl, I mean toddler girl requested the same, but then saw crackers and demanded one.  

Yesterday I tried to ditch the bottle altogether as toddler girl will drink from a sippy cup.  My son, however, immediately pushes it away.  Doesn't even look at it... just pushes away.  Today I gave him a glass with some milk.  He tried but didn't get the milk up to his lips and then gave up and refused my assistance.  

Refused to take hat off for 2 days
I figure it is one step at a time.  My daughter does still ask for her soother from time to time, which I finally found yesterday when the cable guy came to re-hook up our cable, but I have hidden it and don't tell her.  She soon gives up and goes on with things.  

We were called by Shaw (repeatedly) and agreed to get cable for an extra $5 a month for 6 months.  So we have cable again instead of just netflix and plex.  There is still no Treehouse channel and other than the occasional CBC kids thing, there really isn't much appropriate for them on TV.  The plus is that I don't have to wait to watch my shows and the closed captions will be already in the show.  I just have to remember what it is that I watch and find the shows.

I have finished Brothers and Sisters on netflix. It was 5 seasons long and I really liked.  Never saw it when it aired as it was already in full swing and I didn't want to start watching in the middle.  While it did end with a wedding, there were a lot of loose ends to tie up that could have been better.  I suppose that the show didn't know it was being cancelled and wanted it to have some room to go. So it was slightly disappointing with the end but ... 

Now I have to find a new show to get hooked on.  Guess I should start Downton Abby and Call the Midwife now.  I love watching Reign (about Mary Queen of Scots).  I remember watching a black and white movie with my mother in the 80s.  I didn't really get it then as there were no closed captions/subtitles.  I assume that there is some license with the TV show, in terms of the plot but it is still enjoyable.  I think that I like it better than White Queen, also a historical drama about 15th century royalty.  

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