Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Them's Fighting words...

*sigh*  My daughter seems to fight everything these days. Getting dressed, taking her nap, eating supper, etc etc.  My son likes to strip.  Had to re-dress him 4x at least yesterday and 3x today.  No sooner had I put the clothes back on him and was looking/talking to his sister, he is taking off the shirt.  *sigh*

My daughter has her moments, but lately she is protesting her nap.  This is usually the boy's thing... so I wonder if it isn't a cry for attention v. lack of desire to sleep.  Today she wanted to bring her book, a bowl of cheerios, and then when she got up to her room, did not want to sit and be rocked, but rather wanted to go in the closet.  Usually she says "couch" meaning "rock me in the chair while I finish my milk", or "door" meaning " I want to go out of here/get more milk", but this time she pointed to the closet and said "door". After pulling an empty hanger from the rack, she proceeded to chew on it and was not amused when I put her back in bed.  

I have learned not to dress her first thing in the morning. Take her downstairs, let her eat, unwind in the playroom and then try to change her outfit.  Although there are days when that isn't going to work either.  Yesterday she wore mittens and had worn then since the night before.  Plus she had a leash on.  I can't get her to use the leash when we go out, but put on the stuffed dog for play no problem.  Her brother had a hold of the leash itself and she proceeded to parade him around the room.  Of course they are done of that game by the time I get the video camera...

She is wearing yet another hat and still refuses to let me brush her hair... I guess it hurts her head for the tangles.  Or because Mommy doesn't do it right.. who knows?

These are the frustrations that I laugh at from time to time.

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