Friday, February 28, 2014

Pleasant surprise

Last night, I gave in to the advertising and went to a "mama's night out" event put on by Modern Mama.
We were at the Cupcakes store in South Surrey, BC, for an information night about the Psychology of Play by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe and a carseat information session.  There were 7 of us in total and it seemed like my 2 1/2 year old were the oldest -- most had 7 or 10 month olds, and there was even a 3 week old baby there with us. We did not get to all of the information about the need for play, and there seemed to be a lot of quotes from various sources about play from Neufeld, Piaget, and others.  

I did learn something last night. Agressive play is not a bad thing.  I have an aversion to the video games that my husband plays as they seem to be shooter games, everything from Halo, Warhammer, Star trek, and Kingdom of Loathing.  Some of the graphics are quite gruesome but in the end, I know that they aren't real.  I also know that if my kid wants to play, that s/he or find a way.  What I learned from the evening is that aggressive play isn't bad. In fact, play can help children (and adults) to work out things that there may not be words for.  

The second thing that I learned last night is about the car seats.  I am one of the mothers who does not strap my kid in firmly enough.  We also knew that we were using expired seats.  Well, I went home and checked. My daughter's seat expires this year.  Not to worry because I won the door prize, a brand new Britax Boulevard.  They looked at me and asked "do you want it?"  My reply was "of all the people here, I'm the least likely one to need it. However, given what you told us about the car seat laws, I better take it as I think that 2 of our 3 seats are expired."  So I have a brand new $400 seat, which will be a godsend as this expense, while worth it, is good for 8 years. Wahoo!.

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