Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Still sick but getting better

So the whole household is sick.  The day started... if you can call it that, with a 7 a.m. wake up call from a sad, coughing boy.  I honestly don't remember at the moment if I was up in the night with either twin or not.  Likely, but the nights are blurring together... if so, it was likely 3 a.m.

So I took the boy downstairs where he lay on me while I watched Royals Pains.  I have been catching up on the seasons that I didn't watch.  I'm actually watching the season before the current one as I seem to have missed a few episodes.  At 8, I went upstairs to get his sister and wake his father.  Hubby came home early yesterday as he was getting sick as well.  He brought his laptop with him in case he was working from home today.  He called work while I waited with 2 kids clinging to me, fighting with each other for room, and at least was crying, probably the boy.  Then hubby came and took a child in between eating his breakfast.  Our children did not seem to want anything beyond something to drink.  At 9, I sent hubby back upstairs with a sleeping boy and told them both to go to bed.  

So I read books to the girl and read a book while she watched Dora.  At 11:45 a.m., I went upstairs to put a now sleeping girl to bed and told hubby to get up as I heard an unhappy boy. When we looked in the monitor, we found he was standing up clutching his blankets and waiting.  So daddy went to get him, while I went to sleep.  I'm surprised that I did sleep as I wasn't especially tired/sleepy. Nonetheless, my phone and alarm went off at the same time.  I missed a call from a girl friend asking hubby if my birthday was yesterday or today.  (It's tomorrow.)

So I decided to go to the store and take toddler boy with me for a change of scenery, as I had to pick up more children's tylenol. They are doing better and seem to be perking up.  They might actually eat some real food once they stop the dry hacking that I seem to hear from the other room.  Hubby has gone out for a haircut and milk, as we discovered when I got home that there is one milk jug left for the kids.  I told him that I had considered buying a cake while I was there, but decided against it as it looked too overprocessed.  There's sugary and then there's too sweet.  And I told him not to buy me flowers.  I didn't tell him it is because I can't smell anything anyhow.  So who knows what he will come with! We forget what I've told him was his gift from me.  I bought a china hutch last month and we can't remember if we are calling it a Christmas present or a birthday present or both.

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