Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mad Kitty

One of my friends calls me "Kitty Kat" and my children are "kittens".  So last night, my children went to greet their father as he came home from work.  This meant hugs from the boy and shoe finding for the girl.  I went back to the kitchen to finish cooking supper and missed it all, but when they returned, baby girl was wearing a boot, and a shoe while wearing a sleeper with feet, and she had also found mittens.  She has done this before, put shoes on while wearing a sleeper, mismatched as well, but not the mittens.  She refused to take them off while we ate.... and then when we went to bed.

So I decided that I would wait until to go to check on them to remove her mittens.  That was a BAADD mistake.  She woke up and realized that her mittens were missing and she didn't yet begin to cry (at midnight I will add), but she was one ticked OFF little girl.  She was screaming and throwing herself on her crib mattress and hitting me. She would NOT calm down and I had to make her father return them to me(I have removed them from the room hoping the easily distractable nature of the child would prevail) so I could assist her to put them back on.

After she settled, and I went back to bed. Hubby looked at me and said, "what a pissed off little Kitty!"  No kidding!

(I did manage to remove them about an hour ago while she was in the middle of her nap. She woke up a little annoyed but hasn't gotten mad about it yet. Hopefully future meals will be more efficient without the mittens.)

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skypeyourskincare said...

lmao!! I recall monkey going through something like that but with her dad's and then my dad's slippers