Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Letter to baby boy

Oh Baby boy...
(yes I know that you aren't a baby any more, but I now understand what my mother meant when she said that whether I was 4 or 40, I would still be her baby.)

why do you fight me about getting dressed?  For some reason, you will let me put on your pants, and regardless of shivering in your high chair, still refused to let me put a shirt on you yesterday.  This was repeated this morning as well, when you wouldn't even let me put a short sleeve shirt on you.

And your sister, well she actually didn't protest a change of outfit after she had been in the SAME sleeper for 2 days.  Yes I know that it is warm.  I sometimes wish that I had Footie sleepers too... 

You 2 are quite the pair!


Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen floor and rearranged the furniture to see if it would work better.  The children have sat in their chairs without protest for the past 3 meals.

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