Thursday, December 05, 2013

Christmas is coming....

"Christmas Is Coming" is a nursery rhyme and Christmas carol (frequently sung as a round) with lyrics as follows:
Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat
(also, ... the goose is getting fat)
Please do put a penny in the old man's hat
If you haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do
If you haven't got a ha'penny, then God bless you! 
This is the song that runs through my head when I hear/say that phrase. I learned this in grade 2 but I never really thought about what it mean til now.  Of course, in grade 2 I didn't really hear everything correctly so I'm surprised that I even got the lyric right in the first place!

So Christmas is indeed coming.  The decor has been sitting in my front hall for the past 6 days because I haven't gotten around to doing anything with them yet. 
 But I do plan to get to that by this weekend.  Usually I do this on the first week of Advent, but I have been distracted lately by whining preschoolers, addressing Christmas cards and trying to use what is in my freezer rather than shop all the time, or throw it out.

Earlier this week, I made baked macaroni and cheese from scratch using the Williams-Sonoma cookbook that I had been given 3 years ago on my birthday.  I am getting tired of the same stuff and needed to expand my repertoire. 
 I have also been trying to bake at least one thing everyday.  Yesterday it was butter tarts (pre-formed shells) which went into the freezer, and today was haystacks.  They look different than usual as they aren't as runny as I usually see them and I used a cookie dough scoop to form them. It is less messy than dropping by a spoon.  So once these cool, they too will likely go in the freezer to keep us from eating them.  The gingerbread cookies from Monday made it to the freezer, but the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies were finished today.

The Weight watchers diet has been going well.  According to the online tools, I have lost 13 lbs and I am 2 away from the first goal.  I will have lost 15lbs and can fit my clothes better. So that is nice.

I am still trying to figure out what to do for my 40th, but that is the end of January so there is still time to worry about that. I am waiting to hear from my best friend if/when she will be coming out.  She was last here for my wedding 7 years ago and has yet to meet my children.  I only met her daughter this past July when I had a layover in the Ottawa airport on the way back from my last visit to my childhood home.

I had been looking to see if there are any fabulous, can't miss shows to see but there don't seem to be.  I missed seeing Paul Anka this past summer as I was hesitant to see the show by myself.  Considering that I went to see John Cleese by myself and that went fine, I should be able to take advantage next time I see someone I love but don't know anyone else to go with.  (Seeing John Cleese solo was not the plan. Of all the days, hubby got paged and had to work an 8 hour call for tech support.  He got paged an hour before the show started and didn't get home til 3 a.m. Neither of us was impressed by that.)

So .. Christmas is coming!  Some years it is hard to get in the spirit of things.  I have now lived away from my family for 11 years but missing them, plus not really having a white Christmas makes things a little wierd.  We are to make new traditions. Yes I agree. We just can't seem to agree on what they will be. So one thing that I have taken a cue on from a former choir member is to have/make a "Happy Birthday Jesus!" cake.  When she first told me, I thought it was odd, but the idea has grown on me.  The kids need to learn that Jesus is the reason for the season and it is his birthday that we celebrate, not Santa.  Hopefully I can mingle the 2 aspects of the holidays together. Who knows? We may even find a way to incorporate some of the other cultural traditions of the season as well.

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