Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Craze

This has been a crazy weekend.  I have been stressed about the AGM (Annual General Meeting) that I organize as secretary for the BC region of CASC (Canadian Association for Spiritual Care). It was on Friday.  I didn't have to order lunch which did help the meeting go smoother for me, but it is annoying to have people say they are coming who don't show up.  I suppose the fog didn't help.  It was quite thick and didn't lift until 11 a.m.  The fact that this was a new venue for most attendees probably didn't help either. A lot of people got lost -- including me, and I have been there before!! (but only once.)

So that is done and I have been trying to get the minutes finished and get everyone's reports and send off the changes of various personnel to the people who need to know. I am finished minus one report.  I prefer to get the minutes done sooner rather than later, otherwise I am trying to decipher my notes and don't always remember what I meant.  

In between finishing this, hubby and I decided that the time was right to get a new vehicle.  We had bought our last car brand new on our first wedding anniversary.  No that is not how I envisioned my anniversary that year, but I'll always remember it eh?  So we had bought a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5S. We didn't drive it everyday so it had 71 500K on it when we sold it to a used dealer.  We decided that we needed a bigger vehicle as there was only room for 5 people in it.  With the 4 of us, including 2 car seats side by side, there left room for one passenger.  That person had to squeeze in the backseat and be rail thin to fit.  I had to leave the passenger door open to be able to buckle my seat belt.

So we decided on a Honda Odyssey. We were hoping to get a used van but as this was year end clearance thought that we might try to get the 2013 model that was advertised for $4000 off the llist price with an extra $$ reduction if you paid cash.  Hubby was quite disgruntled to find out from various salespersons that this model was actually sold out 6 weeks prior to the ad coming out.  Across Canada!! Talk about bad taste in the mouth.  A lot of people mentioned that it was false advertising, but as one of my Facebook cohorts commented Honda will likely say that the ad was paid for before the sell out.

So we had fun and games to negotiate for another car.  We still wanted the Honda Odyssey. We test drove one the previous weekend and liked it better than the Toyota Sienna.  Hubby has to be able to fit in a car and we didn't really like the sales guy. Too pushy.  (I know that you have to be "on" but it was too much!)  We also didn't like that the back up camera on the Toyota seemed to be 2 by 3" whereas the camera on the Honda was bigger.

So I took the car to be detailed on Saturday morning and we drove the car to the dealer that hubby decided would give us the best deal.  $700 above list price of a 2014 model.  They basically told us that because we were getting such a great deal for the car that they were going to screw us royally for the trade in.  Canada Black book list price for our car was $6800 to $8600 and they were offering us $6000 for it.  We talked them up to 6400 and reluctantly agreed. Due to the time of day on Saturday, the banks were no longer open so we were to come back on Monday.  Hubby didn't like the price and in the end, I took the car to a Nissan dealer closer to our house and they gave us more.  The Honda dealer wasn't too impressed.  Probably because we reneged on the deal and likely because there was less commission now.  A trade in and the sale of the vehicle are separate transactions.  

Long story short we now have a new van that I have learn to drive. My kids will not have to sit next to each other, which means less toy stealing (I hope). And lastly there is way more room for passengers and groceries, even if I forget to take the stroller out of the car.

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