Monday, September 30, 2013


Yeh! my twins turned 2 last week!  Hard to believe that 2 years have flown by. I remember being pregnant and waiting for this adventure to begin and now I can't remember specifics to answers new moms' questions about what is normal at a certain age.

So Toddler girl demanded to keep her fork yesterday and proceeded to eat her dry Cheerios with them.
Both twins demand to have their shirts off or try to get mommy to strip them to their diapers.  Seeing as it is getting colder these days, I stop with the shirt.

Toddler boy likes to sleep with his trains.  One has to be in the bed with him, under him or there is no sleeping.  Although it has been an hour and I have finally heard him stop talking in his bed.

Toddler girl is getting better at saying "Mommmeee!"  for the right person and has a fascination with where "dadddee" is.  She will point to photos of him or just start saying his name as we go down the stairs.

I think they are sad that daddy went back to work this week as he was off for his birthday.

Another milestone is that I have lost 10 lbs on WeightWatchers. However, I still prefer starch over fruit and veggies which might be why I have yoyoed for a couple of days.. of course now that daddy is back to work and the usual schedule has resumed that might help me as well.


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