Friday, August 16, 2013

Seriously? What was that??!

Last night was ... eventful. Baby girl had me up at 1, 2, 2:30 and I don't know when, but at least 4x when we finally decided that we had to let her cry. We knew that it wouldn't wake her twin brother; he is a good sleeper.

I have NO idea what she wanted.  She drank her bottle and settled in bed only to cry 5 minutes later. *sigh*   At various points, she decided that she needed to wander the room and even leave.  I had hubby get a fresh bottle of milk which she protested and threw a tantrum on the floor.  
No idea what the issue was other than it is sleeping time and she didn't want to sleep.  So everyone slept in this morning and it is a pajama day.  I finally took a shower and got dressed in an effort to wake up a bit and because you never know who is coming to the door around here.  That would be my luck, the one day I spend in PJs and someone would come, like the postman, or a neighbor.

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