Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movie Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

We went to see this movie on opening day, August 9.  We lucked into the opportunity as we had sitters.

We had seen the first movie, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and I had actually wondered if they would do more.  It was a good movie, well done with great special effect and CGI.  I was confused/disappointed with the title as it was misleading until I saw this poster.  There were only 2 Sea monsters, but if we are talking figurative, that we are "in a sea of"... than this title makes sense as there were quite a few creatures that would be termed monsters.

The premise of this movie begins with a back story:  4 demigods were being chased to the camp confines by a monster. They knew that they would not all make it and one decided to hold it off so that the other 3 could get to safety but she was killed by a cyclops.  As she was a daughter of Zeus, he made her into a tree so that she would not really die.  This tree was the core of a force field that protected the camp.  Someone poisoned the tree and weakened the forcefield so that they could send the 1st of numerous monsters to attack the demigods.  The demigods discover that the tree is dying and learn that it could be healed by the Golden Fleece and send someone on a quest for the fleece.  

Percy heard whispers of a prophecy involving him either being the savior or destroyer of Olympus, and determines that he should go after the fleece.  His friends, of course, decide to go with him, where they battle monsters, and villians, in their quest to find the Golden Fleece which is supposedly guarded by a Cyclops in the Bermuda Triangle.  

The movie of course ends with a few cliffhangers or openings for a couple of characters to resurface in further sagas of Percy Jackson. 

There are some movies where you are riveted to the screen and disappointed when the story is over as you have enjoyed it so much, and others where you notice yourself saying "what time is it?"  For me, there were maybe 1 or 2 incidents of wondering when the plot would move along.  Part of that is the sword play/fighting scenes can be overdone, and the other part is that at times I miss dialogue crucial to a scene and thus I don't understand the exact gist or ramifications of something and get slightly bored with a scene.  Overall, I enjoyed this movie and think that I might  find the books.


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