Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Doesn't make it any easier

I have been waiting to find out about my daughter's OR date for a "minor" procedure.  It is minor compared with the open heart surgery she had in May 2012, and it is minor as she is only expected to stay in for a day and that is only because we live so far from the hospital for precautions of recovery.  
Baby girl is having an angioplasty to repair or fix the bunching of the tissue that was inserted in the previous surgery.  The tissue is bunching and thus her heart is working a bit harder than normally.

I still haven't heard the official time, or instructions but I am dreading what this all means.  It is a morning procedure with a fast of 12 hours required.  Hmm.. telling a 22 month old that she can't have food or drink... that'll go over well. Not!

This is bringing up the anxiety that related to her first surgery and the memories of almost losing her the first time they did this procedure, and of course with the open heart surgery as well.  I have been fine until they confirmed the date.  I'll probably calm down again in the meantime, but this is the initial reaction.  I can actually feel my stomach turning.


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