Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekend reflections

It is now Wednesday. I have been home from my mother's for 3 days.  I was sick the entire time that I was there, and I'm just getting over it.  I have a persistant dry cough, but then it has only been 2 days since going to the doctor's and using the remedy nasal spray.  

So it was quite a weekend. I arrived on Friday morning and we went to brunch at Cora's for their amazing food. We then went back to the house and mom gave me the grand tour, essentially showing me every room where there was stuff for me to go through and what her opinion/assessment was of its destination.  She gave a LOT to Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army Thrift store.  She is like me, she would rather the stuff go to charity versus Value Village type places.  

We pulled together 2 piles; stuff I definitely wanted -- like my teddy bear that I've had since I was 3 or 4, and stuff that I wanted if it fit in.  So we were trying to figure out the best options for shipping it as the airline had restrictions for cargo weight limits, etc.  In the end, I packed my steamer trunk that I found in 1998 at college and filled it to the brim. We figure it weighs 120-150 lbs. I then called Purolator and it is supposed to be here by the end of the week, as per the woman on the phone.  Today it is currently in Montreal.

I was able to have a chat with my best friend since we were 7 to catch up in person on the news of our lives, kids, and work.  Sat in her garden. Said goodbye to long time neighbors. Walked on Dalvay Beach with my mother. Went to church on Sunday morning before I took off. In between all of that, I had time with my 3 neices as my sister decided to come with the family at a last minute visit as well.  So it was crazy/chaotic in the house and wasn't how I thought the visit would go but it is done and I am back home with my children now.  

The last thing that I did before going to the airport was to stop at the cemetary (which is across the road) and say goodbye to my father.  He has been laid to rest there for 8 years now.  Hard to believe.  I didn't get to PEI very often in the time since, but everytime that I was, I would take a few moments to go and visit.  Death is hard for some.  I'm sure that there are some family members who never go see their loved ones after they are laid to rest.  I suppose it doesn't really matter as that is just where the marker with their name and the body that once housed their essence is, but that person isn't really there.  It has been important to me as it seems that a lot of the visible reminders of him have been erased from that house.  And now our presence on the Island will be erased as well when new people take over and create a life there.  

I don't know how long we will live in our current house.  Hubby is hoping that this will be our permanant house until the children finish high school.  Let's hope that in the 20 years in between that this neighborhood doesn't change too drastically.  But then life is a curveball thrown every minute.

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