Tuesday, June 11, 2013

what a day.. and it's only noon!

Lately it is getting more and more tiring with these kids!!  They have discovered a new fun thing to do: climb on everything!!  They climb the window sills, and now they have discovered climbing on chairs.  They don't want to sit in high chairs, they want to sit in mommy's chair.  
Also, my daughter is a lot more whiny than before.  I went to a workshop this weekend about Toddlers, Terrific Toddlers, and I learned that the whining is part of their inability to communicate what they want with me.  Unfortunately, what she wants is do things that she shouldn't.  

This morning, none of the usual stuff was working. Not reading books, not their favorite tape (Classical Baby), nothing.  So I took them to the park even though the weather is cloudy and cool.  We haven't been out of the house for a while and I figured it was better than being cooped up.  So we went to the park.  They sat in the wagon and were thrilled when I let them wander, which is not easy when you have 2 toddlers go in opposite directions and there is only one of you to supervise.  They were not happy that I didn't stop at the slide, the stuff to climb. Today at Bear Creek Park, there was a school field trip so there were more kids than usual.  Also there was a lot of traffic on the road.  I hate traffic jams so we went right instead of left and took the long way home.  This is good because I went down a road that I have never taken before and found another part of the park with a small playground that was empty. We might try that one next time.

The kids were still a handful though when I got them home.  I decided to feed them lunch.  Both refused to go in the high chair even though I explained that if they wanted to eat, that is where they have to sit.  While my back was turned to deal with baby girl, my son reached up onto the counter and took his sister's bowl to the floor and began eating from the bowl while seated on the floor.  So... I had to feed them both the same thing as she refused pretty much either choice.  Her focus was the empty pen that she had been holding previously. I had put it on the table and she instead returned to the kitchen after "lunch" (meaning she didn't really eat much) to climb on a chair and then onto my dining table.  She has never done that before!! grabbed the pen and slid to the floor.  Hence the term "bum on the chair" has new meaning.  But due to the toddler short term memory, we'll see if she remembers that lesson.  Not likely.  

So HBO Classical Baby reigns while I get a chance to wolf down lunch before their nap.  I think mommy needs one today, a rare thing.

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