Thursday, June 27, 2013

TV discoveries and family tree

It has been raining every morning for the past 9 days or so.  So .. no park for the kids.  Instead, I have loved letting them run around the backyard on days when it dries up in the afternoon.  We have an enclosed backyard so it is great.  If one wanders off, I don't have to worry that I should run to the road to find them.  

We have switched from cable service to internet streaming service.  Our cable was a cheap rate for the first so many months and was due to jump back to skyrocket rates at the beginning of June.  So we cancelled it altogether and hubby bought something called a ROKU 3.  We added Netflix for $8 a month and instead of channels that play continuous shows, we pick what shows to watch instead.  I have loved netflix as I have discovered "new to me" shows, and I limit what the kids watch.  I have found "Drop Dead Diva" at the advice of a friend and have finished all 3 seasons of DDD that were on the Canadian version of Netflix, only to learn that there are 4 seasons, and that the show got cancelled.  But Hurrah!! the fans have protested and the show was uncancelled and season 5 has started on cable!!  So I have 2 more seasons to see.  The friend that recommended this is still only on season 2 so I can't spoil plots for her. *Sigh*

So since I am waiting before I devour the rest of season 4 of DDD, I have also discovered other shows (which have since been ended) such as "Out of Practice", a sitcom about a family of doctors who make their marriage counselor son's life crazy.  This stars Henry Winkler, who is famous for his role as "the Fonz" on Happy Days, Stockard Channing, who is famous for her role as Betty Rizzo in the movie, Grease (1978), and a new favorite, Christopher Gorham, because he is currently in another favorite TV show, Covert Affairs, about the CIA.

I have also found Borgia. I'm not sure if it is a TV show or miniseries, but it is about the Borgia family when Rodrigo Borgia became Pope Alexander VI  It is interesting because it is historically based, I assume fiction for some parts of it.

The children tend to love Go Deigo Go, a spin off from Dora, which they also watch, and Blue's Clues.  This last show had 2 different hosts, but the 1st one did it longest I think. I actually googled him last night to see what else he has done.  I was surprised to see that he didn't continue in TV, but has a band instead. 

Of course this blurb makes it sound like all I do is watch TV, I'm sure.  Of course, I have still been working on the family tree research. To date, I am at 4162 people with 1327 people. All this inbetween playing with and reading to the kids.  :)
We have the annual family reunion coming up at the end of July, for my mother in law's family.  I was thinking that I would review what I have and chat with people who attend about their family stories and/or get help to fill in the blanks, corrections, and maybe photos.  I keep waiting til I'm done to put pictures in or to invite family members to the new "morphed" website, but I guess I just have to do it as it seems to grow every time I turn around.  I have hit a block for my father's father's side, as is expected, but have found more information about my mother's side of the family, and finally figured out how a couple of second cousins fit in the tree.  

When I was in college in 1991, I went to Winnipeg for the first of 3 different moves (a year each time) to live in Winnipeg near my mother's family. Until this time, I only every knew what a first cousin was.  My first day of church, I remember my mother's youngest sister pointing out 2 boys and telling me that they were my second cousins, and that one would be in class with me.  (So I never tried to date him for this reason.)  It wasn't until the end of my first year at college, when everyone was waiting to be picked up or catch flights home that it came out that we were related.  My friends were still trying to figure out how I ended up at a Bible school in Winnipeg, when there were likely Bible schools in the Atlantic provinces where I grew up.  I mentioned that I had lots of family here/there and pointed at K. in particular and said, he's my second cousin.  I remember the look of surprise on his face. "Really?  how do you know that?"  My aunt told me.  We are friends on Facebook, but that is about it. We never really chat but then I think that as people get older, a lot of communication tends to fall away unless you work at maintaining the connections.

Ok, enough rambling for now.  Must go see what the grunting and squealing from the other room is about. It sounds happy but I should check.

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