Thursday, April 25, 2013

Continued joys of the week

The Roofix person did come but couldn't determine where the issue is as it is not currently raining. But by all means, if it rains and water is pouring in, do call them.

So in the meantime, I have been trying to get quotes on our other projects. Gutter cleaning (2x) a year, replacing our yard's fence, possibly with vinyl,
and paving stones for the front lawn of our yard.  There is a pathetic amount of grass that is not worth mowing, plus when we rent the basement suite we will have more room for parking.

In the meantime, the entire family is sick.  The kids have runny noses and the boy coughs like a barking seal. Hubby is also ill with sinus issues and I just have a sore throat, my usual sinus issues.  So ironically, it is the mom that is the healthiest of the bunch.  The annoying thing about having sick family members is that the ones who need it most aren't allowed to have medicine.  Nope, in Canada you cannot give your kid over the counter (OTC) medicine when they are sick unless the doctor okays it.  So other than giving them Tylenol for teething pains, (yes the children's version and not even the full dose because there is a fight to get any into the kid in the first place) and Vick's rub, humidifiers and eucalyptus oil, there is really little to do but wait it out. In the meantime, the kids put EVERYTHING in their mouths regardless of how many times I wash the toys and spread the germs.  Having 2 is not good when they are sick. 

And it is only Thursday... seems like the week has been crawling this time.  probably because I have been waiting for Saturday for a number of months as I bought tickets for hubby to go see Weird Al in concert on Friday night.


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