Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cell phone

I lost my cell phone, that I hardly use, in the first week of the month.  I have no idea where. I noticed it was missing the day before my big meeting (4th) but didn’t have time to worry.  As I really only use it for BCAA and minor issues, I wasn’t worried. 

Today the cable is out.  Meaning that the internet and my VOIP phone is also non functional. So I have cleaned out the car yet again.  This time looking in every pocket of the diaper bag, each inch of the car; the glove box, and trunk. I have been cleaning out drawers and looking in pockets of coats in case I left it in a coat that I hardly wear.  It is now 10 a.m.  and thank goodness for DVD machines for the kids.  Not that we turn the TV on all the time, but it is something to break the lull.  Guess we will have to go to the park again and I’ll have to find a pay phone or something. *Sigh* to call hubby or the cable company.

The irony is that I think I was somewhere, like a parking lot, and said to myself, “Don’t loose your phone” but I think that it was dropped wherever anyhow.

So I decided to give up and took the kids to the park.  Rather than fighting with the wagon that is too big for our trunk and annoying for the car, I took the stroller.  When I was checking to see if baby girl was comfy, I saw my cell phone at the bottom bin. So happy was I that I didn’t care that it was dead.  I knew it would be off when I found it, as it usually is, or run out from being left on.  How did it end up there? Hubby and I went to the park with the kids and my mother. Hubby had stuffed our jackets in there and I guess it had fallen out of the pocket. 

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