Friday, April 26, 2013

Blast from the Past

This is a photo that I ripped off of Facebook.  Someone had tagged me in the comment section because that "girl in the back" was major subject of conversation with various former classmates trying to recall my name.  Of course I was "Kathy" back then.  But some people couldn't remember the last name or that it was not spelt with a "C". This is a photo from grade 6. The boy in the photo is showing off a diorama project that we had to do. There was much discussion about the project in the comments section as well.  I showed the photo to hubby so that he could see what I used to look like "way back when".  It is interesting to see how some people react when they have only known you to look one way and so it is a surprise to see such a drastic evolution in appearance.

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