Friday, March 15, 2013


Life has been crazy lately. This week I had a reprieve from workers in my house. The painters had to come back on Monday to put an extra coat on my mint green master bedroom, (who knew?  more paint on that than on the neon green room) and the boss dropped off the invoice yesterday. Other than that, I have not had to worry about "non-family members" in the house.  Well, there was one consult/estimate about the yard for the fence on  Wednesday, but the kids were fine.

 The kids have been sick since Monday. We think that they picked up the colds (and gave to me) from Sunday's excursion to church.Since they have been sick, the twins have been extra clingy.  I haven't been able to get much done.  Today's accomplishment was the dishes, and my laundry, and wiping the counter in one of the bathrooms.

I forgot to mention that they were at the doctor's the week before and were weighed.  Baby boy is a whopping 30 lbs (13.7 kilos) and 88 cm while baby girl is catching up at 23.5 lbs (10.7 kilos) and 83 cm.  

So the fence; The person who came said that this was the cheapest variation possible, that we could get another 2 years out of it maybe.  The main concerns are that some panels will fall down soon, an issue especially with the prospect of the kids playing outside in the yard, and the fact that the lot behind my fence is park land.  I'm not sure if this is federal or provincial but either way, no one really looks after it that I can tell.  There is +++ vegetation and trees there that wreak havoc on our fence.  I have to figure out who's jurisidiction it is, as the consultant brought up that it is possible to get the government to pay some costs for the "damage" to my fence.  I also have to chat with a neighbor about our wanting to replace the part that abuts their yard. We aren't planning to do this yet. I hope this year, but we'll see what the priorities of the yard/house become, but it is still nice to know (preventative maintenance).

On Wednesday, I also got a new freezer, 14.8 cubit feet, delivered ( in the rain) and placed in my garage.  Now I have to transfer the contents from the small freezer and move the old one to the garage.  This will be the weekend project as I need the old freezer moved from what is the "formal" dining room in time for the delivery of a dining set on Wednesday (20th).  I still need to look for a china hutch to match, decide when the rest of the house (interior and exterior) will be painted, replace our kitchen counters with granite, and figure out what is in my backyard.  I have seen buds on the Rhododendron bush. This will be nice as my mother is coming at the end of the month and her yard is still under snow.

I have as yet to book our vacations for the year as I have been busy dealing with the semi annual CASC regional meeting. I am the secretary and Treasurer and have to book space, find caterers, and deal with other fun items.  Luckily the craziness only hits 2x a year.  I think that I am the only "non-employed in the field" member in the history of the executive board with the exception of retired members.

Well must go deal with laundry or some other chore while the children are napping. Must use this time wisely.  Luckily, they both slept through the night so I don't need a nap as on some days.


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sheetal said...

Wow its amazing, how you're able to manage all the renos and the work that you and the twins, plus run a house hold-Hats off to you :)