Thursday, March 07, 2013

Scary dream

Last night, after returning to bed from feeding the wakeful baby girl, I lay awake for at least an hour listening to hubby snore and thinking about all the stuff that I needed to get done.  Mostly the snoring kept me up.. and the paint smell.

An hour or so later, I was awake again with my heart racing.  I had a horrible dream.  I was one of the Charmed witches from the show... and being chased by other supernatural beings. I had my children and was running for my life.  I was locking myself in a room while holding a baby girl.  The demons or whatever were breaking down the door.  I woke up as my dream self escaped out a window and landed on the ground after running down the roof.  I don't think that I have had a dream like that in eons.  Certainly not one that had my heart racing.  I haven't watched the show in years, so I don't know why they were subjects in the dream.


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