Thursday, March 28, 2013

I knew that it had been a while, but didn't think that it was almost 2 weeks since a post.  We have been trying to get things put back in order since the renos are finally done. It hasn't been easy either as the kids are more mobile, more needy/clingy due to teething or increased awareness.  I can't seem to leave the room for too long to else someone gets anxious that mom is gone, or someone gets injured (hit on head, smushed by the other, etc) 

We have taken the kids outside in the yard and to the park a few times. We are met with frozen stares and whining.  Protests from the boy that he doesn't like grass and refuses to walk anywhere.  Yesterday my mother and I took them to the park. (there is no way I can manage 2 at the same time.  I did get leashes for them, but haven't tried it yet, nor will it be necessary if all they want is to be carried. *sigh*)  Baby boy stood there and protested.  Did not like the swings. Did not want to go walking on the sidewalk.  Nothing!.  So we sat on a bench and that is when baby girl decided that she would go for a toddle up the lane (she really does look like she is toddling) thus prompting baby boy to think maybe he could manage a short walk up the lane as well.  We noticed that there is a garden at the local park, but as mom suggested perhaps next time I will have to bring the stroller if we want to see it.

We have dug out a lot of "new" toys and picked up a few last weekend.  2 rider toys that the kids sit on but freak out if you try to show them how they "go".  One is a hungry hippo and the other is Winnie the Pooh themed.  I also pulled out a table and chair set.  They like the table but don't like the "sit on the chair" part and would prefer to stand on it.  Baby boy is still enthralled with the snap-lock Beads and the Sandra Boynton book "Hippos Go Berserk"  but only lets you get have way through and wants to start again, as well as Brown Bear series.

I have been busy trying to arrange details for the CASC Spring meeting next week. Getting an answer from people is like pulling teeth.  Seeing as tomorrow is a holiday and a week from the date of the meeting, I plan to order the food today.  I looked at the catering prices and have decided to buy fruit trays and slab cake from Costco. Handy as it is up the road.

Well best go as baby boy is protesting Oma's request to "sit" in the chair...

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sheetal said...

Oh ! I go through the same-its hard to manage the two outside on my own too! Me too! I have got the leashes too-haven't tried them yet !