Monday, February 25, 2013

Renovations update

It has been almost a month since my last post.  We have been sick (all 4 of us) plus both kids now wander so there is little time to breathe, let alone do the chores.  I have a list for everyday and it is a victory some days to say that I got one thing done, (or you can cheat and write something that you did already and then cross it out). The other fun thing is that we have had renos done in our place.  To date, 2 of 3 bathrooms are done but need to painted and the 3rd is needing to be tiled and the new shower installed.

Below are pictures of "before" and "after".  The set is our basement/guest bathroom.  Other than the obvious, that the tile was replaced/changed, what we had fixed was the fact that the previous contractors did not have a full wall flush with the tub, but instead had a 1x1 space of tile at the base of the wall where it meets the tub. The tile needed to be regrouted, so we had the wall built up to meet the tub and replaced with plain white tile.  

The second set of photos is our upstairs guest bathroom, which also the kids' bathtub for bath night.  This one had more issues. Due to the window (which I find odd in a shower, but necessary for lighting) there was a gap from the sill to the tile where water ran down.  There was an entire slab of tile (that I will spare you the sight of) which was covered in mold.  So this was all gutted and replaced, studs put in where it was missing and re-tiled.Now both of these bathrooms have to be painted.

Apparently, the painter wants to come tomorrow to prep.  The tiler was supposed to come for the afternoon to start tile work on the master bathroom but I guess that is not going to work.  So .. tomorrow will be chaos with painters in all of the bedrooms upstairs (meaning I have to move a lot of "little" things tonight while they will move the furniture when needed) and the tiler in the master bathroom. Upstairs will be chaos, so I guess the kids and I can count on no nap in their bedrooms and being sequestered in the playroom. But at least it'll get done.

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