Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crazy day.

Whew! What a day!  This is day 2 of pandemonium in my house.  The Tile people are trying to finish my master bathroom, but the tiles are HUGE, like in a Subway station huge (12 by 18, I think). Yes I picked them but that was because the contractor said it was ok because the room is so big.

So here's my day: Woke up for the 2nd time at 6:30 a.m. when hubby came back to bed and said that baby girl has been awake for an hour and half, took her downstairs to get more milk.  Got her brother up for 7 and fed them both breakfast. Painters (day 2 of painters) showed up at 8 a.m. to continue the prep work of the trim, and paint the ceilings.  2 rooms worked on yesterday and 2 more this morning as not 1, but 3 people came this time. 
Left at 9:30 a.m. with kids and hubby to drive hubby to rental car place in the next town so that he could go across the border to the States for a conference.  Gave him the GPS so had to figure out the way we came.  Filled up with "cheap" gas at ESSO for 137 while everyone else has 145 posted?! and continued home. Stopped at Tim Horton's for Hot chocolate so that I could play Roll up the Rim. Won nothing.  Got home to find that the tiler had arrived and is now parked next to the painter's truck and using my garage for mixing mud.  Had to get them to move all their stuff so that I was not double parked in my crowded cul-de-sac as my contractor was.  Put my car in garage, woke up the sleeping child that complained in the car the whole way there and whole way back, only to fall asleep 20 minutes before I get home. *Sigh*  

Take kids in house, take off coats, listen to them cry as I try to find my contractor who is on the phone.  Go do emails for the first time in days, try to get some stuff done for a meeting, get on the phone and find the person I need rather than play email or phone tag.  Listen to Contractor's explanation for odd pricing from a supplier, hear that it was a snafu in calculation because the supplier misunderstood.  Discuss new plan for walk in shower for master bath, go back to original idea that I understood.  Review budget and assure contractor to go ahead, no I don't need to discuss with hubby, can't get a hold of him if I tried.  

Feed kids lunch.  Visit with painters who eat lunch at my table. Go Play with kids, build numerous tower with blocks and hide books so that they aren't destroyed, or so I have don't have to read them too many times and go crazy. Wait for inlaws to come and babysit so I can go to the store and get milk for babies.  Go to City Hall to file Power of Attorney papers for our account. Talk to engineering re: drains that populate my driveway.  Talk to bylaws department and ask about my rights re: enforcing parking. (As hubby and I were loading kids in the car, that is when we discover that sanitation crews have collected all of the recycle bins but mine because neighbor's (?) car is parked too close to my bin. Hence when I called City to ask for pick up tomorrow, was told to put up a sign saying "don't park here on garbage day" would be my answer, which I know will not work because parking is fought over on my crowded cul-de-sac. Have been partially blocked by parked car in past but told by cops that they will not tow unless it has been there for a month, or we could pay 80 bucks to have it towed... hmm) Was given a card with the number to call to request commissioners to come and ticket or enforce towing.

Went to Trail Appliance to look for a chest/deep freezer.  No salesperson available to chat with me despite waiting 15 minutes.  Left. Went to Superstore.  Resisted the urge to buy stuff not on the list.  Went home to find painters done for the day and leaving.  Asked if there were instructions for what not to do, asked if they put the furniture back so that my kids can sleep in their cribs. Oops, they hadn't done that.  

Made dinner. Called my mother to ask if the stuff really needed to simmer for 90 minutes or is there a shortcut.  Made something else for supper and now I will go and take the other meal off the burner to cool for tomorrow's supper. All this in between crazy screaming kids, diapers and more towers built.


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