Monday, January 14, 2013

Why did I do that?

So some of my readers (whoever you are) know that I quit my job 3 years ago to pursue other options outside of healthcare. While I was in school, I was pregnant and too tired to do my homework for my night classes, so I did not complete my goal for photography training.  

Anyhow, this morning I went to Richmond with the kids to have lunch at the River Rock Resort's Buffet.  WHY did I do that?  True I did say to someone you only regret what you don't do but it was such a hassle to get there and then I left early because the kids were not too happy to be there.  It was like "WHY are we here mom?"  

Why WERE we there?  I went because I have not seen this group of former staff since I quit and was invited to join them for one of the regular get togethers.  Hubby encouraged me to go as I don't go out much aside from groceries, doctor's appointments, and church. 

When i left my house, it was snowing.  People do not know how to drive in the snow here.  And there were turtles everywhere, regardless of the person riding my tail.  "I can only go as fast as the turtle in front of me" was a regular retort throughout my drive.  Plus traffic, but I got slightly lost as I took an exit too early. (Luckily the GPS helped me figure out what I did.) Still... *sigh* Glad to be home.  Baby girl was asleep in the car and stayed that way when I took her in the house, while baby boy had a bottle and has been playing by himself in the next room.

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