Friday, January 18, 2013

Unexpected Suprises

Earlier this week, I received an email from one of our ministers asking when we would be at church this week.  I attend a morning group on Thursdays (which is where I was trying to get to last week when the car died).  The minister told me that she had a envelop for me from an anonymous source, (even she didn't know who it was) and could I come get it when I was at church next.  

So I went to my parents' group, which is a great source of fellowship for me, as it is the only time that I get out of the house aside from Sunday morning church, groceries or doctor's appointments.  I claimed the envelope from her and she showed me the note that went with it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find money.  It wasn't until evening while washing the dishes that it dawned on me, that the money was to pay for the car repairs.  We could afford the repairs, but yes, it is a snag in the budget as we have been trying to pay for thing related to the move and soon to start renovations for the house.  But this is certainly a help as the amount that we spent on the car can now go to something needed, like clothes for our every growing children.  While I did score a pile of clothes for cheap at the thrift store the other day, it will take a lot of hunting for clothes to keep on these every growing, active kids.


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