Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Today I drove to downtown Vancouver (from Surrey) to the pediatrician's office. Previously we saw her in Burnaby but she moved her office at the beginning of the year.  Saw a few accidents on the way in, as people still can't merge and the rain didn't help.

We sometimes refer to our kids as the "heavy or light" one.  Well I was right, Baby boy is 12.61 kilos which is 27.7 lbs, and 86 cm long. Definitely a big boy!
Baby girl weighs in at 10.15 kilos, which is 22.31 lbs, and 78 cm long.  She has grown in a month.  We were at the cardiologist last month where she weighed in at 21.7 lbs and 76 cm long.  But then I knew that she is growing, both of them really, as I had to visit the Value Village on the weekend to find more clothes for them.  I even found shoes to fit!  Well, not him.  Luckily I had size 6 (!?) already.  Ah yes, he will be like daddy. Too tall for his age and the bane of his mother's shopping days to keep him clothed.


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