Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Milestone and then some...

another number.

So today, the 29th of January, 2013, I have turned 39.  I don't feel 39, but then does that age really have a "feeling".  True, there are some days when we feel older than we are, or wish we were, (like when you are wishing to be 16 when you are 14, so that you can get your driver's license) while other times we feel younger than we are. (or are told to grow up and "act our age".)

Having worked with a geriatric population for most of my health care career, I used the phrase, "you are only as old as you feel".  Some days, the client would tell me they felt 15 (when they are 70ish) or 99 (when they are actually 89.  I remember telling the woman her true age and she told me that she felt loads better!)  I actually forgot my actual age while pregnant and told the attending MD that I was a year younger, not realizing my error until later.

So, supposedly this age is a big deal as it is the edge of 40 - another supposed big deal. I guess because 40 is considered "middle age" when people have a crisis and freak out?  I dunno.  I know that when I was younger, 30 was ancient!  I was going to do so much by the time I was 30! but didn't get to that.  Perspective changes as we get older.

So where have I been?  I have had 2 careers so far (food industry, and ministry) and now the 3rd is motherhood.  I don't really plan to return to the workforce at the moment, but who knows? in 5 years, I might go stir crazy once the kids start school.  I grew up with a stay at home mom and never pictured myself as a working mom, but didn't really aspire to be a mom either. (as I had some friends tell me)  While I grew up with the "June Cleaver" image of wife who has the perfect image, clean house and calm disposition, I know that in this day and age, that isn't always possible or necessary

I'm not sure what the point of this entry is.. but 39 . meh ain't so bad.

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