Friday, January 11, 2013

I do not want another day like that one!!

I sure hope that today goes better than yesterday.  Well that today goes better than most of the week.  We went to the doctor's on Tuesday and I told her about how baby girl wakes up at night and takes 90 minutes to go back to sleep.  So she told me not to pick her up but to reassure her and tell her to go to sleep.  After 3 days supposedly no problem.  So baby girl still wakes up at 3 or 4 a.m., ugh, and for the most part was okay to go back to sleep the second night.  Last night was not good as she decided that she was awake and it was playtime.  It wasn't after the 90 minute mark that I realized that she had refused her evening bottle, so I took her with me to the kitchen (otherwise she would bawl and wake the rest of the household) and made a bottle.  After finishing nearly the whole thing, she fell asleep. That was 5 a.m. Up at 7:30 a.m. and realized that my hubby should have left an hour ago, why was he still in bed?  So that is a fun start to his morning eh?

Anyhow, yesterday was not a fun day as I was up with her for a bit at night and then they both woke at 6:30 a.m. when hubby was trying to leave.  I had him get one of the kids up for me and take them to the kitchen for breakfast before he left for work.  Thursday is a fun day, for me, as there is a church group called "First Families" at my church.  It used to be called "thursday morning Mommies group" but as we have daddies too, the name got changed. 
This was to be our first commute from our new home in Surrey, which means extra planning and longer time on the road.  From our previous house in Burnaby, it was a 40-50 minute drive in rush hour traffic to downtown Vancouver to get there for 10 a.m., leaving from Surrey means add 30 minutes.  The GPS and Google maps say it'll take 35 minutes but that is not accounting for traffic eh?  So I bundled up the kids, put the diaper bag in the car, took the stroller out of the trunk and got in the car.  The darn thing wouldn't start.  I knew there were issues as I almost got stuck at the gas station a block from my house on the previous night.  Hubby advised me to turn the wheel and start the car.  That had worked the previous night but not today.  So I put the kids in the stroller and went to the bus stop only to be told by the driver that he already at 2 strollers/wheelchairs on (which is the limit for seating) and wait for the next bus. That is also when I realize that I don't have the right bus ticket and would need to add money to it, and I didn't have enough change.  

So... we go home. I unbundle the kids and they go back to play.  This is better than the wailing that the boy did in the car because "we aren't moving, mommy" and the whining from the stroller as he is strapped in and well padded in a winter coat, likely not able to breathe much. All that to come back in the house... I'm sure he was wondering what mommy was thinking!!

I decided to call a local dealership to ask if there is something simple that I should be doing to start the car and the tech told me that based on the age of the car (2007) that it was likely a brake part.  That plus labor would be $500.  ick!!  So I call hubby to ask if that is what we should do as sometimes you can go to a regular service station v. the dealer for a repair.  Hubby was in a class and not at his desk.  I had no idea how to get him and I figured we should get this figured out sooner rather than later.  So I got creative and posted on Facebook in my status that I needed one of his work people to tell him to call me.  Good thing I have added some of hubby's coworkers as friends as one replied in 10 minutes.  

So at 11:30 a.m., I am watching my car get towed out of my garage.  $78 later he takes my car to the dealer for hubby to pick up after work.  

It did work out in the end, but still a crazy day and $500 poorer. 

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