Saturday, December 15, 2012

WHY did I think that was a good idea?

Today I spent my day at the malls.  WHY did I think it was a good idea to do this on a Saturday, 2 weekends BEFORE Christmas.  I spent more time in lines, for the cash or waiting for a parking spot... than being in the stores. UGH!

This morning, I took my friend (who had graciously babysat for us last night so that we could attend a soiree for my hubby's work. The fact that it was a cocktail party should have told me not to wear the outfit that I did... but I regress) to the local mall. By local, I mean 5 minutes from my house, so that she could look at crates and canning jars for her presents.  Went to Costco only to discover that I left my card in my other jacket... sigh.   Drove her into town and then stopped at the Metrotown mall to pick up the Santa photos that we had done with the kids.  (Who were not happy and it shows.) WHY did I think that nipping in to pick them up would be simple??  It was not.  After stalking people for their spots, or driving through the entire parkade (which is HUGE by the way and usually 1/2 empty) I ended up parking at the back of the Zellers section. Not where I wanted to be, but it was close to the photo pickup.  Looked at a deep fryer in Home Outfitters.  Too pricy. Went back through Zellers who are having a closing sale, nothing held back.  Bought a deep fryer, not the one that I wanted, but a good price.  I hope to make fritters with it... Also known as New Year's Kuchen and holiday decor for the new house because it was cheap!

After this I drove back home to Surrey, and went to Costco for diapers for the boy.  And found a few other things... of course. tried to figure out HOW to stuff it into my fridge. ( there are SOO many things that need to be tweeked or fixed about this house.. that is a blog entry for another time.)

So we had a quick supper very late because hubby tells me that my children, particularly my daughter, were psychotic while I was out.  Baby girl apparently woke up the minute I left after 20 minutes .. after being up since 6 a.m.  I think she is teething again. SO not fun as she is clingy and wakes a lot at night.

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