Monday, December 10, 2012

First words

I worried about my hearing loss and its effect on my ability to understand my children the minute I was told that I was pregnant.  My children have been "talking" for a while. I have no idea what they are saying. I know that my son says "muma" but it could be about anything.  Usually when he wants food/sees food.  And he says "wha" or something like it.. a lot.  But today, I'm quite sure that I heard him say a word , in context, that made sense.  

My kids have never really played "peek a boo" in the traditional sense.  So I learned to cover their faces with a blanket and then ask where they are.  So when trying to distract them so that I can change them, or feed them, I play this game.  This morning, baby boy insisted on taking his blanket from the crib. So he hid himself while I changed him.  "Is Micah Hiding?" I asked and then he uncovers himself with the biggest grin. Today he did this and repeated "hiding".  

So nice to know what they are thinking some times.  Now if I just get him to take his afternoon nap in a similar time frame as his sister who has been asleep for an hour...

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