Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Did they ever clean ANYthing?

 I seriously wonder if the previous tenant ever cleaned this place.  I realize that the new tenants of our old house may find some surprises.  We at least upgraded an immense amount of stuff... like replaced or repainted in EVERY room. The only thing we didn't do was replace the carpet. 
This house is different. I'm quite sure that while it looks "shiny", especially my stainless steel appliances, they aren't not so fabulous.  I'm pretty sure that the dishwasher is as old as the house, 10 years.  Now, my mother said, "So? Mine is that old."  True, but hers is still maintained well. This one looks old and mangy inside, complete with a cut or slice out of the side where the utensils get stuck on, the basket doesn't stay on track... blah blah, needless to say, I am waiting anxiously for the boxing sales so that I can replace it and hopefully get the dishwasher that we bought for the previous house. :)

We have ordered new blinds for the master bedroom. If you look at the photo, you will see why...

What am I looking at? you wonder.  It is panel of our vertical blind.  Notice that it is shredded to pieces.  We have these blinds in the rest of the house (I don't like verticals but this is what is there) and they do NOT look like this.  I have no idea what did this.  It's like a cat took its claws to each panel.  So hence it is not a good light blocker.  We are in the front of the house. Notice the view....

So this means that we get the street light and poor hubby gets blinded by the neighbor's Christmas lights as they are left on ALL night. This red glow... so fun.

We have 6 bathrooms in this house. 2 are in the suites that we aren't using, one in the master bedroom, one in baby girl's room (OH MY! What does she need one for? As she gets older, I'm sure we will be happy about this set up. I dunno.) another on the top floor, that I assume baby boy will get to use (we currently use it for their baths) and a 2 piece on the main floor.  Of these, there are 5 showers, of which we can only use 2 at the moment because of grouting or wall rotting issues.  UGH!  

So having guests is fun.  We tell them welcome to the mother in law suite, guest area, please don't try to have a shower.  Well you can't because there is no shower curtains because the previous tenants seem to have taken them all.  Do I remember if they even had any when we viewed this place? No.  So there you go.  Just a few examples of the fun of house owning and wondering if the previous tenants did anything to keep it well.

I forgot to mention. Originally, hubby thought we would replace the stove. He was here for the inspection while I was home with the kids, and he said it was dirty.  It was and still is.  The stove top in particular is what I refer to.  It is flat top range with oven.  The oven itself is clean, the windows are covered in grease that doesn't seem to want to come off. But noticeably there were rings around the 2 front burners. I scrubbed with soap and water, used the ceramic cleaner that you get for the ovens, used magic eraser, to very little avail.  It was the elbow grease of both inlaws and a scraper that got the nasty rings off.  The center of the burners are still milky looking, but functional. We figure that the stove was used a lot, had things boil over that never got cleaned up.  I know that you shouldn't wipe a hot stove, but at least try to clean it some time.

So now I have to figure out how to get this place smelling clean and looking pretty.  Mind you, it took us 3 days to put up and decorate the Christmas tree as there were "twin" distractions... so I figure the cleaning will finally be done when my mother shows up in Spring.

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