Monday, December 31, 2012

Argh... not again

Yesterday I got up and asked the grandparents how the kids did for the evening when my father in law asked me a horrible question, "do you have mousetrap?"
"What?! Aw no! We left all that stuff in the old place."  

So we had a mouse visit our kitchen and apparently my father in law saw it go from the kitchen to the playroom (which is right next to it).  Ugh!  not again!! I hate dealing with mice and this house is so big, it is not like I will find all the fun places it will hide. 

We replaced our dishwasher this weekend and when I cleaned the floor, I noticed mouse droppings and announced it, but assumed that they were old.  Guess not!  That evening, f inlaw noticed a leak from the dishwasher and perhaps the mouse decided to move while he worked on it.  Ugh. So there are now 4 traps in my kitchen that I have to be careful not to let my exploring twins find.  UGH!  


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