Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1st Snow of 2012 winter

This is the view from our balcony.  It is the 1st snow that I have seen this winter. Doesn't mean it hasn't snowed in BC or lower mainland before now, but it is the 1st time that I have seen it.  Of course, I am a new home owner and that means there is no maintenance person to clear the walk or driveway.  We have to do this. We do own a shovel, I just hope that it never gets high like where I grew up. Heavy white stuff that piled up to 7 feet plus (above my head).  

We live at the end of a cul de sac. Whoever designed this road was not realizing that everyone here has too many cars/persons for the house and hence people park on the road -- at times, ignoring the city bylaw that says don't park on the right side.  Hence if I have to squeeze my car through the idiot park jobs, you can bet there is NO way that a plow will get down here.  Plus we aren't a priority I'm sure as we aren't on a main throughfare. We are off a main highway, but not enough to warrant urgent care even if the plow could get through.  

So I have been awake awhile as baby girl did her not sleeping thing again.  We tried everything -- feeding her oatmeal, giving her baby advil for her teeth (if that's the problem), putting her in the playpen in our room, putting her in her crib to cry  ... .. in the end, it was sitting up with her and holding her while she slept or rested that was the winner.  This is getting annoying.  I was up at 12 for 2 hours, and then 3 for an hour, then 4 for 30 minutes before hubby gave up and took over. No idea how long he was with her, but he is sick any how.  I think he has either a sinus cold or possibly the flu.  Great way to start a holiday eh?  So I will have to go to the store when he gets up to stock up on more advil, cough syrup and milk for the babies.

Still don't have the tree finished. It is up and lights are on although one string died so the tree looks weird. Loaded with lights at the top and sparse near the bottom.  But once ornaments are on it, I hope it won't matter. We are hoping to get  pre-lit tree at the boxing day sales as stringing lights is an annoying job.  Alas my poor children will never know the joys and annoyance of stringing lights on a tree or many other manual labor type jobs that we have replaced with technology or "easier" methods.

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