Friday, November 23, 2012

It really makes me wonder...

I was reading yesterday's paper this morning. There is an article entitled "The face that launched a 2500 mile odessey" which tells of a man in Turkey who met a UK woman once and then wrote a blog (which I think is now taken down) about his journey via yacht from Turkey to the UK.  The sad thing about this story is that she was his waitress once, turned him down for a date, went back home and got married.  Why this guy is still obsessed with her, this is what makes me wonder.  There are other headlines in various papers, some refer to him as a "fruitcake stalker".  

I know that when you meet someone only online, not in person, it is possible to make the person into more than reality. By this, I mean, you create a fantasy of what this person is like, or rather what you think/want them to be like.  I once met a guy online who insisted/suggested that we meet after a week to avoid just this.  It turned into a 5 hour date and he was my last boyfriend before I moved here to BC and met my hubby, but that one of the ones that worked out.  It makes me wonder what connection this man thought he had for Courtney, the waitress, and why it affected him so.  The article didn't say anything about mental illness that I recall, but I do think it is possible that some people have a need that they need filled and it is possible to become deluded.  Even rational sane people get irrational or deluded at times, but I think that it might be related to a need that they perceive.

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